Lofoten is an archipelago with a unique and fragile ecosystem located in the Northern Atlantic Ocean above the Arctic Circle. It is becoming increasingly charged as a political arena due to the national resources, fish and oil. Simultaneously the expanding tourist industry is making its mark on the islands and the local community.

Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF) is a contemporary art festival that takes place every second summer at Lofoten islands in Northern Norway. The festival is entering a new phase with an emphasis on site-specificity and commissioned work.

Svolvær school. Pictures from the opening and more info about the project.

Pictures from the opening of LIAF jr. in the local newspaper, Lofotposten.

LIAF jr.

Opening: May 9th 12-14am
Openinghours: May 10th and 11th 12-15am
Kjølelageret, Svolvær

During spring 2008 the Institute for Colour will host three workshops in Svolvær Primary School as part of Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF).

For LIAF 2008 the Institute for Colour will take up residency in the classroom of the 5th grade of Svolvær School. The school will provide a distinctive perspective on the community, as well as any tools necessary for the Institute's artistic practice. The pupils will act as the Institute's guides, assistants and production team during three visits to Svolvær leading to an exhibition on May 9th 2008.

First visit in Svolvær: February 10th–13th (click picture)

Workshop 1: February 25th–29th (click picture)

Workshop 2: April 1st–4th (click picture)

Workshop 3: May 5tt–9th (click picture)