08.11.2011 The Museum of Longing and Failure: Copenhagen We are participating in The Museum of Longing and Failure's exhibition # 7 with the sculpture Consensus (chalk). The sculpture is made of 64 pieces of chalk, of which 61 are white and three colored. This is our first sculpture!


The Museum of Longing and Failure
Borups Allé 33 in Copenhagen, Denmark

03.05.2011 Exhibition at Volt in Bergen As part of our fifth anniversary, we have invited artists' groups and collectives from Bergen to contribute to an exhibition at Volt under the title of Gruppearbeid.

Contributors: Lewis & Taggart, Ytter, Entreé, Hordaland Art Centre, Tag Team Studio, Bergen Kjøtt, Knipsu and PreMisS.

Opening: 06.05.2011, 19.00
Opening hours: Saturday and Sunday 12-16

Volt, Skostredet 3, Bergen

29.04.2011 Production residency at 0047, Oslo In the third installment of Space Station, 0047 has invited Institute for Colour to take over its gallery and claim it as their own production space. During their stay at Schweigaardsgt 34 D, Institute for Colour will transform 0047 into a print-workshop where the artist-group will explore a new technique within their practice. The works produced during their stay at 0047 will be presented as part of an upcoming exhibition at Volt in Bergen, titled Gruppearbeid.

For Gruppearbeid, Institute for Colour has invited eight artist-groups (Lewis & Taggart, Ytter, Entreé, Hordaland kunstsenter, Tag Team Studio, Bergen Kjøtt, Knipsu and PreMisS) to submit material which will be combined into eight different prints, each featuring two or more of the submitted images. The results are layered products – manifestations of negotiations and decision-making processes between the artist collectives and institutions involved.

From April 29 to May 8, 0047 will present reminiscences of Institute for Colour's work process – drafts, experiments, mistakes and outtakes. The opening will take place April 29 at 7pm with a moving-out party.

Space Station, moving out party
April 29th
0047, Platous gate 34, Oslo

13.07.2010 Welcome to the Cocktail Academy at Podium July 24th The Institute for Colour Cocktail Academy is a study programme in the mixing of drinks, for studies on basic and intermediate levels with possibilities for specialization. The course runs over one evening and is standardized to 1-32 credits. The Cocktail Academy educates bartenders that are independent, active contributors to social and artistic contexts. The program qualifies for the arts in international arenas, and other activities in society that demand for social skills, expertise and aesthetic innovation.

The courses are free of charge, but there will be a material fee.

Strange Age Art Festival
July 24th 2010
Podium, Hausmannsgate 34, Oslo

04.05.2010 Are there any tickets left? - A performance about the Opera in Bjørvika As part of the European Opera Days 2010, the Norwegian Opera has invited us to collaborate with a soprano singer. The resulting piece will be performed three times on the roof of the Opera during the afternoon of 9 May.

Are there any tickets left? is a comedy about city development, with class rivalry as an important ingredient. The Institute for Colour has written a new libretto which will be performed to well-known melodies from operas by Bizet, Mozart and Verdi. We meet characters like the jubilant audience, angry commentators, visionary politicians and crafty developers.

The performance will start by the entrance at 14.30, 15.30 and 16.30. Welcome!

06.04.2010 Manufacturing Today We will participate in the exhibition Manufacturing Today in Trondheim, April 17th-May 16th, with the project Institute for Colour presents: The Art World.
Martin Le Chevallier / Annika Eriksson / Frankfurt Free Class / Sculpture Working Group, Kunstuni Linz (Eva Grubinger) / Jens Haaning / Art and Common Space Project, KIT, Trondheim (Simon Harvey) / The Institute for Colour / Student Working Groups, Goldsmiths College, London (Susan Kelly) / Annette Krauss / Malmö Free University for Women / Sculpture Student Project, KIT, Trondheim (Regina Möller) / Bik van der Pol / Florian Schneider with Dictionary of War / Sille Storihle & Kristin Tårnes / Superflex / Student Working Group, The Fine Arts Academy of Finland (Milica Tomic) / UKK, Young Artists and Artworkers / Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas
More information on Manufacturing Today's webpage.

04.03.2010 Institute for Colour invites to an informal button badge workshop in the UKS kitchen March 10 and 18 at 5pm. Portray your artwold friends, colleagues, idols, rivals or enemies and make button badges of your work. The button badge workshop is part of an ongoing project where Institute for Colour draw art world confederates, professional stereotypes, eccentric characters and other nonconformist oddballs. A poster of all contributions will be presented as part of the exhibition Manufacturing Today in Trondheim spring 2010.

Drawing materials and button machine will be provided by Institute for Colour and soup will be served.

19.08.2009 Fjord City Summer Camp: Programme August 22nd: Fjord City Summer Camp is presented at Tekstallianse, Litteraturhuset, Oslo.
August 26st: We welcome you to Hovedøya for a guided tour by Trygve Panhoff at 5.15pm and lectures by Jan Eivind Myhre and Holger Kofoed at 6.15pm.
August 30th: Institute for Colour presents two art project at Open Day in Bjørvika. Jumana Mana will do a securuty check and Chris Evans will show the video Company.

Tirsdag: Makrellfiske i Oslofjorden, hele byens matfat.
Tuesday: Fishing mackerel in the Oslo Fjord, the town’s food basket.
Foto: Stian Eide Kluge / Institutt for Farge
18.05.2009 Fjord City Summer Camp Rakett has invited the institute to do a one week activity program in collaboration with them in Bjørvika, Oslo, August 24–30th. Our project Fjordbyen Feriekoloni/Fjord City Summer Camp is part of the larger, temporary exhibition project COMMON LANDS, that investigates the developments in Bjørvika through seminars, readers and art projects.
Curators: Åse Løvgren and Karolin Tampere

Mandag: Utforskning av Oslos fjordnære bebyggelse.
Monday: Exploring Oslo’s fjordside development.
Foto: Pablo Castro / Institutt for Farge
24.04.2009 On the Six-Cornered Snowflake From April 24th to May 24th Steffen takes part in the group show "On the Six-cornered Snowflake" with Stian Eide Kluge and Jakob Simonson at 0047 Oslo. Please check out the gallery's website for more information about the exhibition!
06.01.2009 Manufacturing Today The Institute for Colour participates in a workshop in Vilnius, Lithuania, January 7th-10th 2009. The workshop forms part of the larger project Manufacturing Today, organized by Trondheim Art Academy, in cooperation with other organisations including Vilnius and Helsinki academies, and Goldsmiths College. Curators: Will Bradley and Cristina Ricupero.
Manufacturing Today aims to develop the existing critique of the neo-liberal instrumentalisation of art and, particularly, art education, acknowledging recent interest and work in this area and asking how this might be directed towards practice. Art education has been the subject of a great deal of art world attention in the last couple of years. Factors such as the Bologna process and the increased attention given to the regulation and economisation of education; the temporarily overheated art market; the net-enabled resurgence of the free universities and the renewed currency of theories of autonomous education, have converged to temporarily situate the idea of the art academy, its possible forms and its alternatives, at the focus of the debate about the social role of art.
08.05.2008 The Opening of LIAF jr. LIAF jr. opens on May 9th at Kjølelageret, Svolvær at 12am. Welcome!

28.04.2008 LIAF jr. Week 3 of LIAF jr. with several new works coming up.

28.04.2008 MA Our Master Exams at Kunstfag/KHiO is just around the corner! The graduation show will take place early June, at BOA, Galleri Format, GAD and Oslo Kunstforening.
22.04.2008 Østlandsutstillingen 2008 Ingrid will participate in Østlandsutstillingen 2008. The exhibition opens in Fredrikstad on April 26th, and will also be shown in Vestfossen, Gjøvik and Lübeck. She will show the piece Inn til beinet.
01.04.2008 LIAF: week 2 LIAF jr. is proceeding with plans for tomorrows UFO project.

29.03.2008 Drawing In Together with Janicke Schønning, Silje opens the exhibition Drawing In at Gallery NB8. Take a look at Silje's cool drawings at her webpage! The opening will take place on April 4th. Welcome!
03.03.2008 LIAF: week 1 For LIAF 2008 the Institute for Colour will take up residency in the classroom of the 5th grade of Svolvær School. The school will provide a distinctive perspective on the community, as well as any tools necessary for the Institute's artistic practice. The pupils will act as the Institute's guides, assistants and production team during three visits to Svolvær leading to an exhibition on May 9th 2008.

21.01.2008 Return to Start! In January Ingrid and Steffen participates in the exhibition "Return to Start!" curated by Jan Christensen at 0047 OSLO. Their openings are January 24th and 31st. Welcome!
18.01.2008 LIAF The Institute for Colour is in the starting phase of a project for Lofoten International Art Festival (LIAF). There will be alternative pedagogics, much fun and more about that later on.

From the LIAF press release (in Swedish):
LIAF jr är ett konstpedagogisk projekt i gränssnittet mellan praktisk arrangörskap och förmedling av samtidskonst. Under en intensiv arbetsperiod realiserar elever på en grundskola och ett gymanisum varsin samtida konsfestival. Projektet ställer sig frågande inför de vedertagna konventionerna för hur en samtida konstfestival, utställning formas. Eleverna utformar sin festival i en kreativ dialog med animatörerna. Projektet uppmärksammas också för att eleverna visar orginalverk från professionella konstnärer. Arbetet leder förhoppningsvis till en överraskande konsthändelse som äger rum fredagen 9 maj. kl 12:00.

LIAF är också stolta att presentera animatörerna för respektive skola. Svolvær skole arbetar med konstnärsgruppen Institutt for Farge. Gruppen består av Ingrid Lønningdal, Silje Hogstad och Steffen Håndlykken. De har utmärkt sig i Oslo med sina ämnesöverskridande projekt där kollektivet och den sociala sfären är utgångspunkter för det konstnärliga arbetet.

Aust- Lofoten VGS avdelning Kabelvåg samarbetar med Raketa, ett konstnärskollektiv som arbetar interdisciplinärt och gärna i kollaborativa former, med en experimentell hållning innanför konst, formgivning(design), arkitektur och digitala medier.

Projektet pågår i tidsrummet 11.02 fram till 09.05.08.
18.12.2007 More buttons! The Institute for Colour keeps on portraying the art world.

02.12.2007 The Institute for Colour’s Cocktail School The Institute for Colour's Cocktail School is organized in connection with Open Academy at the The National Academy of the Arts in Oslo. An experienced guest teacher gives instructions on how to make your own DIY drinks. The course is free of charge, but there will be a material fee. From 6 pm Monday December 10th. Welcome!

IFAC 101: Gin & Tonic as artistic media
IFAC 102: Cuba Libre and the notion of "South"
IFAC 103: Moscow Mule and the meaning of "Contemporary"
IFAC 104: The anatomy of Horse's Neck

IFAC 201: The Gimlet gesture
IFAC 203: Black Russian, a post-communist reality
IFAC 204: Old Fashioned and the politics of time

IFAC 301: Tom Collins, self-presentation
IFAC 302: Daiquiri and democracy
IFAC 303: Critical Caiproska

IFAC 401: The postmodern fuss of Gin Fizz
IFAC 402: Mojito and Mexican muralism
IFAC 403: Cosmopolitan aesthetics
IFAC 405: Margarita and representations of femininity
IFAC 406: Rethinking Long Island Ice Tea

IFAC 501: Dry Martini Theory
IFAC 503: Vodkatini between Basel and Miami
IFAC 504: Manhattan as a social construct
13.11.2007 Art pedagogics, transgression and therapy We participate in the ongoing debate about the higher art education in Norway at kunstkritikk.no. Read our contribution "To modeller for rene kunsthøgskoler" (Norwegian only).
05.10.2007 Steffen is in Bergen As part of Raketts presentation of the Curating Degree Zero Archive, Steffen will speak and cook delicious arròs negre. He has written a text for Rakett and CTR+Zs publication on the archive, and uses the opportunity to talk about the institute and Scramble For Survival.
The Institute for Colour buttons it up! We've started to portray the international art scene in the form of button badges. Hand drawn portraits of figures from the art world; from the misanthropic foundation course guest teacher to the subversive skateboard artist, and from the bespectacled art history student to the aggressive gallerist. The models are rather stereotypes than real persons, but are frequently recognised by colleagues dropping by the buttons workshop.

01.05.2006 Institute for Colour's manifesto